Pulsafeeder manufacture a variety of chemical feed pumps.  Diaphragm and peristaltic pumps are great at dosing a repeatable quantity of chemicals into a process.


Eddington are an industry leader in engineered injection fittings.  A wide selection of corp stops, injectors as well as other chemical feed anciallary accessories.

Pyxis Labs

Pyxis have created best in class instrumentation.  From process sensors to handheld field meters.  These highly engineered and cost competitive products provide you with better tools for process control.


Lutz manufacture transfer pump solutions.  With a wide product breadth they can handle food grade products, explosive fluids, and much more.  Automate the process with Lutz' flow meter.  Please do not hesitate to contact our experts.


Peabody are a rotational molding manufacturer who specialize in chemical containment solutions.  They make high quality tanks and enclosures for chemical feed systems.  Their propriety square gemini dual containment solutions


Vector specialize in solid feeder vessels.  From low pressure PVC brominators to high pressure pot feeders.  With an unparalleled quality these vessels hold up excellently over a long time.